Night Mode Stream Package

Thank you for acquiring the Night Mode Package!

Here are straightforward guidelines to assist you in setting everything up.

Quick Installs

Streamlabs .OVERLAY

  1. Launch Streamlabs OBS and go to "Settings"
  2. Press the "Import Overlay File" button under the "Scene Collections" tab
  3. Locate and click the .overlay file in "2. Quick Install\Streamlabs"
  4. Excellent news! Your Scene Collection is now fully set up and ready to go.


Streamlabs Quick Install

  1. Log in to your Streamlabs account
  2. Open the "Quick Installs" folder in the downloaded archive
  3. Open the "Streamlabs" folder
  4. Double-click the Data Alert - Streamlabs.URL file 
  5. Success! Streamlabs will notify you that your alert has been successfully imported

Additional Info


Near Black #0a1015

Light black #10161b



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